Aqua Paradiso was formed in 1987 as a partnership and became a limited company in 1997. The managing Director Franco Puntrello has worked in the pool installation industry since 1980, when he first moved to the UK, and has worked on 100’s of pool installations in the home counties and London suburbs.

The company prides itself on offering luxury pools at affordable prices, we are able to do this because we remain a small family run business and there are added benefits to this too. You will be dealing with the same team every day until the project is completed, we are always contactable and always happy to answer any questions no matter what stage of the pool build we are working on, we are happy to change the design if its possible. And because our clients are always happy with their finished pool, they are happy for us to show them to potential new clients. However our greatest pride is when a previous client, who has moved house, asks us once again to build for them a new pool in their new home. Who could ask for a better recommendation than that. 

We have worked for some very well known celebrities too, one local singer/song writer with a penchant for vespa’s engaged us to do a pool renovation, his stipulation was for a red, white & blue target. We have also renovated a pool for a royal princess and her husband and she would spend time with Franco talking of her love of all things Italian. And more recently a pool renovation for a former tv presenter turned writer and we wish her every success with her new venture. 

We are keen to keep up with new innovations in the pool industry and are constantly looking into them to see if they are viable, reliable and are up to the job. We were one of the first companies to install a slatted Venetian Cover for a client when they were a new concept. We discovered the safety cover Aquaguard from T & A in Belgium and Paragon Pool Services who also undertake supply, fitting and after sales care of the product. And if we are asked about a new concept for the pool industry, we set to work on the internet and telephone as we know the questions to ask to decide if the product is viable and if we feel confident enough to offer to our clients.

We also offer a stage payment scheme and a 20 year guarantee on pool shell.